– King of comedy and radio Steve Harvey has a new queen by his side, Marjorie Woods. Although photographers only began snapping pics of Harvey and his future bride recently, Woods didn’t just walk into Harvey’s life. A source close to the couple says they’ve known each other nearly 20 years and are “so in love it’s nuts.”

 On Monday, Harvey and Woods were hand in hand at the Harlem reception for Eddie Levert’s new book, I Got Your Back: A Father and Son Keep It Real About Love, Fatherhood, Family and Friendship (Doubleday/Harlem Moon). When guests asked Harvey for a photo op, he kept Woods at his side, saying, “This is my fiance.” The brown-skinned beauty sported what looked like a canary yellow marquis diamond of generous weight.

 While Harvey’s known for telling-it-like-it-is-until-it-hurts on his immensely popular radio show, “The Steve Harvey Morning Show,” the self-proclaimed southern boy remains a gentleman when it comes to matters of his heart. When asked to comment about walking down the aisle, Harvey’s still mum on the details. But sources close to the couple say “the wedding is very soon.”

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 Harvey’s divorce from his wife, Mary, became final in December 2005. They were married for 10 years and have one child together, Wynton. Harvey has twin daughters and a son from his first marriage. Woods has a daughter in college.

Credit: Bennit Raglin/WireImage.com

Steve Harvey and his fiance, Marjorie Woods, in New York City in 2007.