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Coffee Talk: Kimora Lee Simmons Leaves Baby Phat

This morning, Coffee Talk has gone tech: It's the end of an era. Kimora Lee Simmons tweeted that she's leaving Baby Phat. In other Twitter news, the NFL fined Chad Ochocinco $25,000 for using Twitter at a prohibited time during Friday's Bengals vs. Eagles game. Plus, a new study found that Black people text more than Whites. How often do you text in a day?
  • Fashion mogul/mommy Kimora Lee Simmons is saying bye-bye to her signature brand, Baby Phat. The queen of fabulosity Tweeted that she’ll leave the line next month to “further expand her other businesses.” [P6]
  • The DEA is looking for Ebonics translators to help solve cases by translating wiretapped conversations about drug operations. [Yahoo]
  • Kat Stacks has filmed a video of Soulja Boy Tell’em’s hotel room displaying cocaine. The young rap star took to his Twitter to deny all claims. [That Grape Juice]
  • Gary Indiana is making plans to celebrate the late King of Pop’s birthday this coming weekend. A celebration will be held outside his boyhood home. Mayor Rudy Clay is expected to attend. [AP]
  • Florida’s Kendrick Meek makes history. Meek is Florida’s newest Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate and the first Black Senate nominee from Florida. One of the most popular Black Senate candidates, if he wins a seat, he will be the only African-American in the entire Senate. [AP]
  • Blacks and women talk and text more than any other group. Interesting, right? According to AP, Blacks talk on their cell phones twice as much as Whites, and women talk more than men. [AP]
  • Football star, Chad Ochocinco is $25,000 lighter this morning. The NFL fined the Cincinnati Bengals player for tweeting during a prohibited time, while the Bengals were playing the Philadelphia Eagles. [AP]
  • Naomi Campbell travels with her own Jamaican hot sauce. [NYP]
  • Laurence Fishburne still cares about his daughter. TMZ is reporting that he hired Montana’s lawyer to represent her in an assault with a deadly weapon case. Apparently, all bridges have not been burned. [TMZ]
  • Jennifer Hudson can’t move past the murder of her family members. The man suspected of killing Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew, William Balfour, has not been tried in the last two years. What’s more, his case has been granted yet another continuance today. [Radar]
  • USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack offered Shirley Sherrod — the former Georgia State Director of Rural Development who was forced to resign after a misleading clip of a speech to the NAACP stirred claims of racial preference — a fresh start with the government agency yesterday. She declined. [WashPo]