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Are There Things You Believe Moms and Wives Just Shouldn't Do?

Kim Kardashian West is getting a lot of backlash over her nude photos in Paper Magazine with some accusing her of being inappropriate for a mom and wife. Do you agree?
Are There Things You Believe Moms and Wives Just Shouldn’t Do?

“Break The Internet.” That was Paper Magazine‘s goal when they featured Kim Kardashian West on the cover of the Winter issue. The reality star is seen balancing a champagne glass on her infamous behind while champagne shoots over her head.

The photo is a modern adaptation of a similar Jean-Paul Goude photo featuring Black model Carolina Beaumont. Additional photos in the magazine show the Kardashian shedding her black evening gown and exposing her full body, completely nude.

If the goal was to break the Internet, they may have succeeded. Critics have been sounding off for days about how Mrs. West’s nude photos are extremely “inappropriate” for a wife and mother of a young child. 

Celebrities aren’t exactly supportive of the nude shots, either. Actress Naya Rivera reportedly commented on Kardashian’s Instagram page: “I normally don’t. But…you’re someone’s mother…”

This got us thinking: Are there some things you believe people just can’t do once they become wives and mothers? Or are you like writer Blue Telusma who thinks anyone saying Mrs. West needs to put on some clothes on because she’s mom needs “to sip a big champagne glass of ‘Girl, Bye!’”

Let us know your beliefs in the comments below.