If you’re expecting an album full of sad songs from Keyshia Cole you may be a little disappointed. The ESSENCE Music Festival performer revealed she’s not in a dark place anymore. In fact, she’s happy.

When asked if motherhood and marriage has changed what she sings about, Cole told ESSENCE.com exclusively, “It has because I’m in a happy place now. However, some of my fans are not. So I brought on a bunch of writers this time around… obviously I’m not in that place to write those kinds of songs.”

Cole says she hates to say how this album, Woman to Woman, will differ from the previous four, but says she has evolved. “I think that I’ve grown vocally and I think a lot of the songs are touching to me.”

As for her upcoming reality show, Family First, the singer warns it won’t be anything like her previous show, The Way It Is. “I’m a little nervous because it’s different. It’s me, my husband, my son and my mother, Frankie. My mother’s been in rehab for a while. I’m really proud of her. It’s just a different view of me and what I’ve been through. You won’t see Neffe on the show. However, I wish you would have.”

Woman to Woman is set to hit stores this fall while Family First has yet to receive a premiere date.