This Video Of Kevin Durant Surprising A Young Boy Will Leave You In Tears
Zhong Zhi

Kevin Durant recently teamed up with Because Of Them We Can, an organization that educates kids and teens and helps them meet their heroes who have paved the way.

In the latest video, a boy named James meets his hometown hero after being told that he’ll appear on a talk show to discuss his amazing mother.

When James thinks he’s about to go on stage, he bends on one knee and says a quick prayer. “I just don’t want to be embarrassed. I want my life to be better and my mom’s life to be better, especially my mom’s” he says. And just as he gets up, Kevin Durant walks through the door and James’ jaw drops.

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Durant and James hang out and talk about their dreams. Durant tells the young boy that he had similar dreams when he was a kid of making a better life for his mom and family.

Then James, an aspiring entertainer, shows off his smooth dance moves. Durant gives the young boy some words of encouragement before he heads off, but James is still in for another surprise – Derek Jeter and JJ Watt are there too!

You can watch the video below, but definitely have tissues handy because you won’t be able to stop the tears.