All week long everyone’s been giving the WTH?! face to Keri Hilson’s latest video for “The Way You Love Me.” Not only is the video chock full of pelvic thrusts and an incident of door licking, but also the “dirty version” of the tune — in which she drops the F-bomb numerous times — was released with the clip. In a recent interview with Perez Hilton, Ms. Keri defended her right to be raunchy, saying, “I don’t want to be held and caressed every night. Sometimes, I do want to be f**ked.” “You want it good sometimes, I’m talking about one man in a relationship, not being a slut or a whore or being paid to do things,” Hilson continued. “It is racy but I can’t allow other people or the media to dictate what I can or can not do. …We can’t approach art from a fear perspective.” Artistry aside, we can see Keri’s point about stripping away the candles, hour-long massages and sweet nothings to enjoy a night of good old sex. Hilson says the inspiration for the song came from talking to her girls. “In this album, I was screaming in a room with all my girlfriends and we were just yelling all the s**t we really say. What would you say, what would you yell? One of the things you might yell is, ‘I don’t want to make love tonight, just f**k me, please! Come get it!'” In the clean version of “The Way You Love Me” Hilson replaces “f**k me” with “thug me” but she claims, “it has the same sentiment.” And while she didn’t want the explicit version to be leaked she admits, “I wouldn’t take it back.” Ladies, are you with Keri? Do you just want your man to just “thug” you sometimes?