Kentucky High School Suspends Controversial Hair Policy
WLKY News Louisville/YouTube

Just five days ago, students, parents – and anyone with a knack for knowing racism when they see it – were outraged when Louisville, Kentucky’s Butler Traditional High School implemented a hair policy banning natural hairstyles, which included dreadlocks, braids, twists, mohawks and cornrolls, which actually refers to cornrows.

Since then, the hair policy, which is clearly targeted at people of color, has made national news, and parents around the country have voiced their concerns. One Butler High School parent in particular turned to social media to share her shock to the school’s new policy. Her tweet, which reads, “Soooo…my daughter had registration today and let’s just say she’s not happy abt the #JCPS no natural hair policy,” received over 1,000 retweets and finally garnered some high level attention including Superintendent Donna Hargens.

Kentucky High School’s Dress Code ‘Stinks of Racism,’ Bans Dreadlocks, Cornrows And Braids

As a result of numerous complaints and social media uproar started by Butler parent and State Representative Elect Attica Scott, Butler Traditional High School has now opted to “suspend” its hair policy as the superintendent does not want to infringe on anyone’s culture, reports BET.

According to WLKY News Louisville, the ban was officially lifted last Friday afternoon, but for many that damage has already been done.

Watch WLKY News Louisville’s coverage of Butler High’s fight for justice below.

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