If Mary J. Blige’s ex husband Kendu Issacs has his way, she will have to hand over a pretty penny each month in temporary spousal support while they finalize their divorce.

According to court documents, Issacs is demanding that Blige pay nearly $130,000 in spousal support following the demise of their 13 year marriage, reports TMZ

The Daily Mail reports that after the Queen of Hip-Hop/Soul filed for divorce in July citing irreconcilable differences and fired Issacs as her manager, he was left with “no source of income” and therefore needs the finances because his lifestyle has “changed significantly in the last 12 months.”

Blige reportedly cut her ex husband three checks in the past two months, including a $35,000 check in August and another totalling $50,000 in September for spousal support along withone for  $25,000 to address his lawyer fees. 

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The almost $130,000 monthly stipend Isaacs is requesting will allegedly cover some of the lifestyle luxuries Kendu was accustomed to in his marriage, including a private chef, personal trainer, auto expenses and transportation, along with a healthy sum to help his parents and more to pay child support for his two kids from a previous relationship.

There has been no word from Blige’s lawyers at this time in response to these demands. From the looks of it, there’s more drama coming Blige’s way, not less.


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