Kendrick Lamar Took High School Students to the Grammys
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Could Kendrick Lamar be any cooler? The Grammy-winning rapper has always stayed true to his Compton roots, regularly showing love to his city. He recently did so by bringing high school students from the area to the Grammys.

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The rapper made sure the group received swag and gift bags that included a new pair of sneakers, all courtesy of Reebok. They also got the chance to hang out with Lamar before the show and to talk to him about his career and influences. For Lamar, it was just another way to give back and stay grounded.

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“It just reminds me of where you come from, and I can see they’re full of energy the way I used to have it, just motivation to want to do something with yourselves,” Lamar said. “In the next 10 year from now, hopefully they’d be further from where I’m at.”