Kelly Rowland Remembers Praying While Stranded at Sea
Getty Images

Kelly Rowland says she remembers praying to see the next day when she and a group friends were stranded at sea on July 22nd.

“I remember thinking to myself, ‘Lord, please don’t let this boat capsize,” Rowland told People. “Please let us get to shore in one safe, sound piece. I just want to see tomorrow.”

Rowland and friends planned a day of whale watching off the coast of Provincetown, Mass. when they suddenly found themselves in the middle of nowhere. The boat they were following was out of sight and no land could be seen. “…It’s just in the middle of nowhere, so we realized that we’re lost,” said the September cover girl.

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At about 1:35 p.m. the group tried to call for help but realized they were too far away from land to receive a proper signal. “I was like, ‘Please, Lord, give me two bars,'” Rowland recalled. “He gave me two bars and we contacted some folks that were on land and they helped us.”

Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be until nearly midnight before they would reach land again. It was a rough ride back, said Rowland. “The waves coming in were like five to 10 feet high and the boat was only a 27-foot boat and it felt like forever to get back to shore.”

Thankfully, she didn’t let that experience ruin her vacation. She later posted pictures to Instagram showing her fab time in Provincetown.