Kelly Rowland Denies Beyoncé Feud Rumors

Recently, Kelly Rowland sat down with Yahoo’s OMG Insider to chat about her new single “Dirty Laundry.” She also used the time to defuse swirling rumors about her supposed fallout with Beyoncé.

“I think the people wanted those stories for years and that’s just so sad on them because it’s not like that,” Rowland spilled. “It’s so crazy and I just think it’s so sad that we live in a world where people don’t want to see women get along and encourage and empower each other, and that’s what we do for each other.”

Rowland, who’s always considered Beyoncé a sister, says they have nothing but love for each other. “I love my sister and she is so incredibly supportive,” said an emotional Rowland. “One of the closest people to me. I love her to death and I love being an aunt.”

Despite having to fend off rumors of drama between the two of them, Rowland says she’s grateful for all that she and Bey have gone through together. “I definitely think it makes friendship stronger and I’m so grateful for her, for Michelle, for Angie, for Solange, for my mama T, for my mother, for being incredible women in my life and always lifting me up,” said Rowland.

So what does Beyoncé think about the new tell-all track? “She looked at me and said, ‘It’s incredible,'” shared Rowland. “She said how proud she was of me, and then said, ‘I never left.'”

“Dirty Laundry” is pulled off of Rowland’s upcoming album, Talk a Good Game, slated to drop on June 18.