Most women have an exhaustive (and unrealistic) list of traits they want in a man. And while searching for perfection, we may be bypassing good men. “The true keys to happy relationships are connection, loyalty and generosity, but some women eliminate men based on superficial things,” says Alduan Tartt, Ph.D., a relationship coach and the author of “The Ring Formula: How to Marry Mr. Right” (Visionary Minds, Inc.). “Then again, there are also some women who are so desperate for a man, they ignore clear red flags.” So is your boo’s bad credit a deal breaker? Our experts weigh in on whether top complaints about men warrant showing him some love-or the door.


“He makes less money than me”

SHOW HIM SOME LOVE: “The measure of a man is the size of his heart, not his wallet,” says Cooper Lawrence, author of “The Fixer-Upper Man: Convert Your Dud Into a Stud” (Polka Dot Press). As long as your man’s a hard worker, cut him some slack.

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“He has bad credit”

IT DEPENDS: The number one issue couples argue about is finances-but that can be fixed. Before you drop him, consider why your boyfriend has a less-than-perfect credit score. And if he’s open to learning better money-management skills, help him. However, if he’s unwilling to change or spending his whole paycheck on electronics or his car, you’re better off without him.

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