Family Says Katherine Jackson Is Doing Just Fine Despite Rumors Of ‘Devastating Stroke’

Katherine Jackson, the matriarch of one of America’s most important musical families, is doing just fine, despite rumors that she’d suffered a “sudden and devastating stroke.”

On Monday, popular celebrity gossip site RadarOnline published a story claiming Jackson’s health was rapidly declining and she was surrounded by family and a “team of nurses.”

“The family has all gathered around her to give her support,” a source told RadarOnline. “But she is the one that is usually in the best shape and she takes care of everyone, so it is really mentally hard on her.”

Despite the report, several sources told the New York Daily News the 87 year old is well. In fact, according to one insider, the Jackson clan was at the matriarch’s home over the weekend for “Game Night at Grandma’s.”

Genevieve Jackson, the youngest daughter of Randy Jackson, said her grandmother was in good health and spirits.

“Guys calm down! This isn’t true,” she wrote on social media. “Whoever put that story out is lying. She didn’t have a stroke and her health is definitely not failing. Katherine is okay!”

Jackson has been at the center of her family, which has ruled pop culture for the last six decades. Her children have not only topped the charts as a group, but Michael and Janet have also gone on to be two of the most important entertainers of all time.

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