Kat Graham Finds Her Inner Queen in New Caress Campaign
Getty Images

She’s what you call a triple threat. Kat Graham sings, dances and models, too. In addition to working on an album, and starring in cult-favorite series, The Vampire Diaries, the actress/model/singer has just inked a deal with Caress to sign on as their new brand ambassador for their latest collection of deliciously fragranced body washes, Caress Forever. According to an interview with People Stylewatch, Graham refers to the collaboration as the, “Yes, Queen” campaign. She told People Stylewatch that “It’s [the campaign] all about getting in touch with your inner queen, what makes you feel empowered, and what makes you feel special and giving it to the world.”

While you may not associate body wash with queens, Graham would beg to differ. The star is a huge fan of fragrance, so the touch-activated formula Caress has introduced with this new collection is right up Graham’s alley. The Caress Forever collection includes two scents, Mystique Forever and Enchant Forever, each formulated with a deliciously intoxicating scent that will release upon contact to maintain all-day freshness. Did we mention it’s super hydrating? A body wash that gives you that forever fresh feeling that really lasts all day long and nourishes your skin—it’s the beauty gift that keeps on giving! So, say what you want, but we definitely think Graham calling this the “Yes, Queen” campaign is totally appropriate!

The Caress Forever Collection is available now ($3.99, at drugstores)