Mom Charged With Murder After Dropping 3-Month-Old Baby During Fight
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A mother is facing murder charges after dropping her 3-month-old baby during a fight. The baby died the next day from injuries sustained in the fall.

Karen Harrison’s child died at the hospital one day after the altercation, which was caught by a surveillance camera outside a beauty supply store in Moultrie, Georgia, the New York Daily News reports.

Video footage obtained by WRALTV shows Harrison, 26, holding her baby and another woman, in what appears to be a verbal argument. The woman swings a bag at Harrison, hitting her, before the two women started grabbing at one another.

In the rapid escalation of the fight, it is unclear what exactly happens; however, the baby is clearly no longer in Harrison’s arms as the two women continue to grapple with one another. Bystanders rush in to help. One man is seen apparently trying to separate the women, while another woman rushes in to push the altercation away from the baby, before picking the baby up off the ground.

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When Harrison took the baby to the hospital, she allegedly said that the baby had fallen at home while being held by a friend. The infant boy died later that day.

A family friend, Carneata Clark, 26, who allegedly vouched for Harrison’s story was arrested and charged with making a false statement to police and obstruction of an officer.

Harrison, in addition to felony murder charges, is also facing first- and second-degree cruelty to children, simple battery and affray.

Terra Brown, identified as the other woman involved in the fight has not been arrested; however, Deputy Chief David Corona told the Daily News that an investigation into the incident is still being conducted and more arrests could be made.