Kanye West Buys 10 Fatburger Restaurants

If you hadn’t seen or heard enough from the Chicago-bred rapper lately, you’ll be seeing more of Kanye West in the year to come. Mr. West’s camp just announced that he has bought the rights to 10 Fatburger restaurants in the Chicago area, adding to his already expanding portfolio of business ventures. Gee Roberson, Kanye’s manager, told reporters that the purchase of the Fatburger franchises (he owns two restaurants already) is just a drop in the bucket for the plans in store to expand his business enterprise into clothing, cologne and shoes.

“Music is the foundation for everything Kanye does, but he doesn’t want to be defined only as a musician,” Roberson said. “He’s really a designer. He designs his sounds, his raps, all aspects of his tour. He wants to do deals where he can have his fingerprints on the product.” Kanye West has joined the likes of other hip-hop royalty like Pharrell Williams, Queen Latifah and E-40 who also own or have owned Fatburger franchises.

What’s your favorite burger — Fat Burger or In and Out Burger?

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