On the heels of Botham Shem Jean being killed in his apartment by Dallas police officer Amber Guyger after allegedly thinking it was her own apartment , another man is grateful to be alive after armed Topeka, Kansas cops broken into his apartment with AR-15s drawn. David Reynolds said cops broke down his door while he was washing his dog and in between classes. They were allegedly looking for a Latino man with a gun, after they received a domestic violence call. “So i come home in between class, to wash my dog, and all of a sudden i hear loud banging on my door, i ask who it is, and get no answer, so i open my door, and there are two Topeka Police Department officers with AR-15 DRAWN and AIMED at me, tell me to come outside, to which i answered ‘(expletive) no’ because 1. i have done NOTHING WRONG, and 2. im in my underwear because washing my dog gets messy,” Reynolds said in a Facebook post that has now been set to private.
“so i slam my door. they then BREAK IT DOWN,” Reynolds continued. “tell me to get on the ground, put me in hand cuffs and drag me to my living room. then tell me that they got a call about a ‘hispanic male with an AK-47.’ … i did NOTHING WRONG. and i was IN MY OWN HOME! WASHING MY DOG! and they BROKE MY DOOR DOWN AND ALMOST KILLED ME WITH NO EVIDENCE THAT IVE DONE ANYTHING WRONG!” The cops searched Reynold’s house and found nothing, and told the apartment manager to fix the door. Reynold’s wrote how the whole incident could have gone differently. “Somebody called them, said they seen a Hispanic male with an AK-47,” he says in the video. “They came to my door, busted my door down and put me in handcuffs with no warrant. Yeah, names and badge numbers. Had this gone any differently, I’d be dead in my own apartment for doing nothing wrong. Thank you, now get the (expletive) out of my apartment.” During the incident, Reynolds questioned the cops as to why they were able to break into his house, and they stated it was because of the fear of someone else’s safety. “The purpose was to check and see if the female was injured or needing assistance,” police said. “In emergency situations such as this, officers are not required to have a search warrant if they have a reasonable belief that a person may be in immediate danger.” On an updated Facebook post, Reynolds says he’s now seeking legal advice.

this is MY house.

Posted by David Reynolds on Thursday, September 13, 2018


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