Kansas City Woman Says Dancer Bit Her Finger Off During Strip Club Brawl
Karen Osuji/BuzzFeed

Karen Osuji is in surprisingly good spirits after she said a nightclub fight left her scarred for life.

Osuji told Buzzfeed News she was at a local Kansas City, Missouri strip club called Baccala with her friends when a brawl between two women broke out on the stage. One of the women, a dancer who Osuji said goes by the name Diamond, was escorted to her dressing room, but the fight continued.

“Security tried to, like, pick the girl up or bear hug [her] and in the midst of all that I was stuck in it too, and my hand was stuck,” Osuji said.

While waiting on line for the bathroom, which was near Diamond’s dressing room, Osuji said her hand got mixed up in the scuffle and before she knew it, Diamond bit the tip of her finger off.

“I’m trying to pull my hand out and by the time I do…boom, finger gone,” Osuji recalled.

Osuji said she immediately sought medical attention from a fire station across the street from the club while her friend, Ali, returned to Baccala to look for the missing piece of her finger. Once it was located, the pair went to the hospital.

“During all this time I was super calm… I wasn’t crying,” Osuji told Buzzfeed. “I don’t know if I was in shock or what, but I was chillin’.”

Ali shared pictures and videos of the aftermath of the incident, which confirmed Osuji remained very calm. In one SnapChat clip, Osuji joked, “My finger’s gonna be ugly on my wedding day… No one’s going to want to marry me ’cause I have a f-cking midget finger.”

Of course, the grisly images also made their way to Twitter.

Unfortunately, doctors at Truman Hospital were not able to reattach the tip of Osuji’s finger, but she said she she’s taking it all in stride.

“They couldn’t put it back so I had to accept it. It was all good spirits in the ER,” she said, noting that she hopes to file charges against Diamond.

“At the end of the day, my finger’s gone. It is what it is and that’s just how I’m feeling.”