Kamala Harris Vows To Create A Road Map To Citizenship

Presidential candidate Kamala Harris recently released a new plan that protects to shield over 6 million people from deportation and give over 2 million Dreamers a path to citizenship.

The “roadmap to citizenship for Dreamers” consists of three major areas that will work to detract anti-immigration policies and legislation that are currently set in place.

According to the statement from the campaign, if elected, Harris will immediately reinstate and expand the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA). Harris’ new plan will also get rid of the requirement that Dreamers apply to the program before 31-year-old.

Parents of American citizens and legal permanent residents would also be protected from deportation. The plan would allow parents of citizens and people with close ties to communities to be given opportunities to apply for deferred action. The statement explains that these applicants will be examined on a case-by-case basis.

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“Harris believes we should not be tearing apart immigrant families,” the campaign wrote. “Her administration will focus our enforcement resources on those who actually pose a public safety threat, not families, veterans, and individuals contributing to our communities.”

Lastly, Harris vows to use executive powers to create a “Dreamers Parole-in-Place Program” to help Dreamers get Greed Cards. Other efforts include creating a rule that will that makes sure Dreamers aren’t at fault for any “lapse” in their status.

“Congress must pass 21st century immigration reform, and Harris will fight to get it done as president,” the campaign wrote.

“Harris will do everything within her legal authority as president to roll back Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda and build a future that lives up to America’s values.”