Jussie Smollett Has Choice Words For Trump Supporters
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John Legend isn’t the only one coming for Donald Trump and his assembly of aggressors.
“Empire” star Jussie Smollett tweeted in support of the protest that took place in Chicago where GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump was scheduled to rally.

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“America is already energized. That’s why we shut U down. See we ‘thugs’ know how to build walls even better than U”

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“I’m so beyond proud of the people of ‪#Chicago. Anyone that stands for hate & pretends that that’s what America is…Shut them down. ‪#Love.”
In an interview with Huffington Post’s Michelangelo Signorile, Smollett had more praise to share with protestors and some choice words for Trump supporters.

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“I think they are brave women and men,” he says about protestors. “I think that they are soldiers against hate.”
Some of the protestors were viciously attacked Friday evening as violence against those who are not in favor of Trump’s message seems to be a trend at Trump gatherings.
” That is what I will call him forever. What he has done is capitalized on the fear of this nation,” says Smollett.

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“I think that [Trump] is truly one of the worst people that has ever walked the face of this planet. I can’t talk about him without getting heated and I get so emotional about it,” Smollett expresses. “I’m so emotional about it because I feel it so deeply. And I’m also ashamed. I’m embarrassed for our nation, that we allowed someone like this to get so far….”
“And for everybody that is supporting Trump: Duck are you thinkin’ about? Why the duck?” he asks – and he didn’t say duck.
Smollett believes we all had a small hand in aiding the rise of Trump. “We have learned to just be okay with laughing at something. To just be like, ‘Oh, this is a reality show.’ But it’s not a reality show. This is politics. This is something that is going to run our nation and in turn help run our world,” he explains.

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