You’ve asked and we heard you loud and clear. Now Prophetess JUANITA BYNUM opens up about her eagerly-anticipated new ministry that tackles domestic violence in the Black community, responds to her critics and explains why one day she’ll be ready to love again.

ON HER NEW MISSION: “I don’t want to backtrack. What I’m willing to bring to the table at this point is what I’m walking through right now. I believe that I can bring it and impart it into the hearts of women with conviction.”

ON HER CRITICS: “People hating on me now are always going to hate. Half the people saying stuff, if I walked up to them in a beauty shop or in a store, would never say these things to my face. When I reflect on what God is still doing [in my life], I don’t have time to focus on people who don’t like me.”

ON DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IN THE CHURCH: “I have preached in the church for years…I was heartbroken to know that there were men of God who were in positions of ministry [who remain silent], and I refused to believe that nobody was hearing from God. I am a woman in the kingdom, and this happened to me, and I have absolutely no reason to lie about what happened to me.”

ON KEEPING THE FAITH: “God put me on this path, and this is what I feel is strengthening me. Not my prayers right now but the prayers that I’ve cried out to God when there was no problem. And just asking God to strengthen me and to sustain me, caused me to be focused. I think had I not done that out of obedience to him I probably would be in a real ugly state right now.”

ON FINDING LOVE AGAIN: “We make statements like, ‘I’ll never get married again.’ But that’s not my focus. I can’t start thinking connected right now. I have to just keep thinking singular right now, because if I don’t bring the singular part in every area, to more levels of growth, to the fullest capacity, then I still won’t have anything to connect with anybody.”


Credit: Matthew Jordan Smith