Rep. Jim Clyburn Expected To Make Endorsement Ahead Of SC Primary
Alex Wong/Getty Images

As all eyes turn to South Carolina, which will host the next primary to winnow out the Democratic field, all eyes turn to Rep. Jim Clyburn, an influential Democrat representing the 6th congressional district, who is expected to make an endorsement sometime this week.

Politico reported on Sunday evening that Clyburn, who also severs as House Majority Whip, is planning to endorse Joe Biden on Wednesday, citing multiple sources.

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And Clyburn did confirm on NBC’s Meet The Press that he did intend to announce his endorsement on Wednesday morning.

However, in an interview with the local newspaper the Post and Courier, Clyburn acknowledges that he was still deciding between up to three candidates.

In that interview, he had kind things to say about Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren, as well as, of course, Joe Biden.

He shied away from billionaire Tom Steyer, as well as current front runner Bernie Standers, warning that Democrats could risk defeat if they nominate someone too inexperienced to too extreme, according to the report.

At one point, Clyburn said that he considered not endorsing anyone, however, the pressure from the community and from the campaigns themselves continued to weigh on him.

South Carolina is one of the more diverse states that will be voting so early and in South Carolina, about 60 percent of the Democratic electorate are Black voters.

Clyburn’s influence is sure to go a long way, and he is taking that role seriously.

“I think I would be dishonest and shirking my responsibility if I did not lay out who I’m going to vote for,” Clyburn told the Post and Courier.


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