Jill Scott Puts Final Touches On Lullaby Album
Getty Images

Jill Scott has been making audiences sway and swoon for the past 13 years. Now the super talented artist is setting her sights on your children. Following her captivating performance at this year’s ESSENCE Fest, she revealed there’s an album of lullabies in the works.

She first began kicking around the idea for Brown Baby Lullabies several years ago prior to giving birth to her now 4 year-old son, Jett.  Now putting the finishing touches on it, she says the album will provide affirmations for babies and children. “The lyrics are meant to be encouraging and nourishing to the spirit,” she explained proudly.

The ultimate goal, however, is for the album people to purchase the album, but not actually hear it because they’ll be too busy sleeping, she said with a smile. “Turn that joker up [and] walk out the room,” she ordered. “Let them learn how to go to sleep.”

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