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Jill Scott Offers Inspiring Message, Surprises Fan

Jill Scott brightens a fan's day. 
Jill Scott Offers Inspiring Message, Surprises Fan
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When we’re having a bad day most of us aren’t greeted by Jill Scott with a heartfelt encouragement, but that wasn’t the case for Dani Ruelas Jones-Nash who was having the worst day ever on her shift at Walgreens until she was greeted by the star.

Jones-Nash, shared her encounter with the star on Facebook:

“So, here I am, having the worst day of my life…I put on my smile for the world everyday. It makes me happen to make others happy,” she said. “But today was bad. And I decided f**k it, face it anyways Dani. Don’t call out and crawl under your rock of depression until you recover like you always do. Go to work with your sad face on and be vulnerable. Don’t hide today and nurse your wounds, don’t wear the happy mask. Make this day better. Your steps are ordered by the Lord.”

Scott greeted her with a warm “hello” followed by a inspirational message on Jones-Nash’s phone: “Take a deep breath, go home, cry real good and then get up,” she said. “All is well, I promise. Everything is for the good whether we know it or not.”

“I was staring at her like I saw a ghost, and I did not have on my winged eyeliner or any lipstick so I was pretty scary,” she wrote on Facebook.

Check out the video below.