Jill Scott 'Hidden Beach' Documentary Airs on Centric TV

BET's Centric TV airs a 30-minute special on Ms. Jilly from Philly.

Lyndra Vassar Aug, 21, 2011

BET’s Centric TV will be celebrating “Jill Scott Weekend” today and Sunday as the network rolls out their 30-minute special,”Hidden Beach Presents Jill Scott: A Documentary.”

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The program will take viewers through Jilly from Philly’s journey in early music to her rise in neo-soul stardom. All music in the documentary will come from the soon-to-be released  album,“The Original Jill Scott From The Vault Vol. 1,” featuring classic unreleased tracks from the singer.

Scott, who was with Hidden Beach for 10 years before a rough split with the label, explains on the Vault album where she gets her inspiration:
“It comes in lumps, the lyrics come in big rocks and I feel like I don’t breathe until it’s over,” she says.

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Do you plan to watch the documentary?



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# News