Read what blogger Roland S. Martin has to say about the corruption in Chicago politics

The skeletons are flying out the closet since Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was arrested Tuesday for conspiring to allegedly sell President-elect Barack Obama’s open Senate seat. Through his attorney, the governor has denied any wrongdoing and was released on his own recognizance. He showed up to his office this morning, seemingly ready for a full day’s work as if nothing happened.

An Obama spokesperson confirms that the soon-to-be forty-fourth commander-in-chief believes Blagojevich should step down from his position as governor, according to

The U.S. Attorney’s office also obtained conversations via wiretap where Blagojevich mentions several potential Senate candidates. The unnamed candidates are only identified by number but U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald warns that none of the candidates are being accused of any wrongdoings.

It’s being reported that Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr., is as Blagojevich says, “Senate candidate No. 5.” The FBI and federal prosecutors in Chicago have already interviewed Jackson on the matter, according to Jackson said he was told “I am not a target of this investigation.”

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