Alabama Man Rescues Baby Locked In Car Overnight
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Not all heroes wear capes, but they often have no issue smashing a few windows if it means rescuing someone in distress.

That is exactly what one Mobile, Alabama man did after he discovered a four-month-old baby locked inside a black car in the sweltering Sunday morning sun.

According to Fox10TV, Jermius Scott was going to get something to eat at around 9 a.m. on Sunday when he spotted the baby inside the car. He immediately took action, noticing that something wasn’t right.

“I really used my elbow to bust the window. Seeing the baby turning purple in that car, I couldn’t just leave that baby in there like that, man. That’s dead wrong,” he told the news station.

Scott called Tarance James to come outside. James noted that the baby was sweating and couldn’t even cry because of the condition the baby was in.

“[The baby] was sweating. I looked at the scalp, the scalp was dry. The back was wet,” James said. “I know he had been in there for like five-plus hours. That was dead wrong. Can’t do nothing like that. You got to make sure you baby with you at all times.”

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Mobile police believe that the child was left in the car overnight for about 12 hours. The child was rushed to the hospital and is currently doing fine.

“I don’t know who it was and don’t want to know because, you know, you’re not supposed to hate nobody, but that’s a hateful situation,” Scott said.

“I just pray the baby is all right and I hope nothing like that ever happens again,” James added.

According to WPMI, no charges have been filed against the father. The site reports that the father told investigators that he forgot about the little boy after dropping his other children at their grandmother’s house.

The father is reportedly no longer allowed to be alone with the baby.