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Jennifer Williams on Eric Williams, Divorce & Dating

The 'Basketball Wives' star dishes on her pending divorce and forgiving her ex...
It’s been weeks since the most-talked about glass-throwing incident on reality TV.

That incident — in which “Basketball Wives” star Jennifer Williams and her soon-to-be ex-husband threw water in each other’s faces — was the boiling point of a rocky relationship nearing its end.

Now, months after the incident was filmed, Jennifer says she’s worried about her ex-hubby’s behavior. She spoke with ESSENCE.com about her pending divorce, moving on with her life, and whether or not she forgives him for past behavior.

ESSENCE.com: Looking back, how do you feel about that incident?
JENNIFER WILLIAMS: We filmed that a while ago so I’m somewhat over it. But never in a million years did I think it would come down to this. We’ve been together so long that I feel like we should have mutual respect for one another.

ESSENCE.com: Eric’s explanation was that he was trying to “cast a demon out of you. How do you respond?
JENNIFER: Between his actions and what he’s been saying on twitter, I don’t really know who he is right now. He’s just a different person from the one I know. I feel like he’s falling off the deep end, and I’m like, you can’t be that bitter about what’s going on. The stuff he’s been saying has been outlandish and I’m just wondering when the real Eric is going to come back.

ESSENCE.com: Will you ever forgive him for all the stuff in the past?
JENNIFER: I have forgiven him, but I don’t forget. The glass-throwing incident was a confirmation that I’m moving in the right direction with my life, leaving him behind. I don’t wish him any ill will, but I know there’s never any chance that he and I could ever be together.

ESSENCE.com: If you’re worried about his well-being, would you ever consider reaching out to him?
JENNIFER: We started off as friends and that’s why it was important for me to remind him. That was my whole thing with season 2: ‘If we can’t work things out let’s try to be friends’ was my objective. After the whole incident with the glass throwing though I’m like maybe its best we’re not friends.

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ESSENCE.com: Have you spoken to him since?
JENNIFER: We’ve communicated over text, but haven’t spoken since all that stuff happened. It’s confusing, one day he’s like, ‘Oh I’m still in love with you,’ and then the next is like, ‘But you’re a groupie.’

ESSENCE.com: Are you surprised by people’s reactions to the incident?
JENNIFER: I was worried that people were going to think I was in an abusive relationship, that they’d think that’s how our marriage has been all along. Eric has never put his hands. I think I’ve definitely been through some mental and verbal abuse, but there was anything physical, ever.

ESSENCE.com: So what next? You say you’re moving on with your life. Are you dating?
JENNIFER: Yes, I’m dating but I’m new to this whole dating thing. I was in a relationship for 10 years so I’m just getting out there. I don’t have a boyfriend. To be honest, my main priority right now is myself, and my businesses.

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ESSENCE.com: Would you date an athlete?
JENNIFER: I’m never going to say no, but that’s definitely no the first person I would pick. They’re probably last on my list.

ESSENCE.com:  Where are you now with your divorce?
JENNIFER: We’re not officially divorced yet. I wish I could say we were, but we’re not.