A woman scorned is nothing to play with. And a Jeep Cherokee owner learned that this week — or so we think. On Wednesday, a video began making waves on social media, showing a woman dousing the inside of a vehicle with lighting fluid, and nearly lighting herself up in the process. That woman has now been identified as 26-year-old Sydney Parham, according to Fox 2 Detroit.

The scene involving Parham started off giving peak Waiting To Exhale vibes, which is likely why people speculate that she was reacting to the actions of a deceitful partner. The scene quickly turned left when the flame intended for the car alone, ended up too powerful for the fire-starter who was caught in the act. The imagery of Parham being blown back by the explosion she caused is what made people all over the internet intrigued about her identity.

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Many attributed the act to a Wisconsin woman, Kelly S. Hayes, who was taken into custody for a similar infraction. However Hayes, according to local outlets and a police report, is alleged to have set her ex-boyfriend’s Chevy Impala on fire, not a Jeep Cherokee.

“The MPD and the Madison Fire Department responded to the 2000 block of Greenway Cross late Tuesday afternoon following reports that a parked car, a Chevy Impala, was becoming engulfed in flames,” the police report stated. “A witness told responding officers that a woman, armed with a baseball bat, had broken out the car’s windows prior to dousing it with gas and setting it on fire.” Hayes was caught after a witness turned her license plate number into authorities. They used the information to track her down. The car was deemed a total loss.

In Parham’s case, the fire department and authorities were called to an apartment complex on Wednesday around 8 am following reports of a car set on fire. Deputies identified Parham as the person seen flying into the air in the viral video that social media users have been watching on repeat. They tracked her down through the video of the encounter that was uploaded to YouTube.

Fox 2 reports that Parham has been charged with third-degree arson, a felony, and is currently being held on a $20,000 personal bond. She’s expected back in court on August 5th.

Only time will tell if we get the full story of what led up to the event and how this story ends. Until then, the Twitterverse will likely continue sharing the video with friends and making memes to add humor to a very dangerous situation.