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Jazmine Sullivan on Her Weight: 'I'm Big! Now Carry On'

The singer posted a body-positive message for her fans.
Jazmine Sullivan on Her Weight: ‘I’m Big! Now Carry On’
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Jazmine Sullivan has a body-positive message for her fans, and it comes in the form of an Instagram post.

“Real quick y’all… IM BIG!!!! #nowcarryon #sheesh,” the “Forever Don’t Last” singer said on Instagram last night. “My weight fluctuates depending on what I decide to put down my throat that week. If anything I’d hope that whatever u see in me serves as a reflection and inspires u to love or change certain things abt YOUR life.”

The bold post accompanied a pic of the singer’s New York concert from earlier this week. She goes on to say that she doesn’t want her fans putting her on a pedestal—she’s just taking it day by day like the rest of us. For now, her number one priority is developing that powerhouse voice.

The post comes only a few weeks after she opened up to blogger Necole Bitchie about a previous abusive relationship. She found the strength to leave, and now, she said, when she looks in the mirror, she sees only a beautiful woman. And from her Instagram post, it’s looking like she wants her fans to see the same things in themselves.

“ALLS I’m saying is I love u regardless and want u to spend ur day being happy and growing as an individual,” she wrote.