Jay-Z Files Federal Lawsuit Against Mississippi On Behalf Of Inmates
Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Land Rover

Rappers Jay-Z and Yo Gotti are on a mission to find justice for the severe conditions inmates in Mississippi are subjected to, and on Tuesday filed a lawsuit against the Mississippi Department of Corrections.

Over the last two weeks, five Mississippi inmates have died, and according to the lawsuit filed by Jay-Z’s lawyer Alex Spiro at the U.S. District Court in Greenville, Mississippi, “These deaths are a direct result of Mississippi’s utter disregard for the people it has incarcerated and their constitutional rights.”

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According to CNN, on January 9 a letter was sent to DOC Commissioner Pelicia Hall and Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant on behalf of the rappers protesting the “inhumane conditions in prisons operated by the Mississippi Department of Corrections.”

“This unthinkable spate of deaths is the culmination of years of severe understaffing and neglect at Mississippi’s prisons,” Spiro’s letter reads. “As Mississippi has incarcerated increasing numbers of people, it has dramatically reduced its funding of prisons. As a result, prison conditions fail to meet even the most basic human rights.”

“People are forced to live in squalor, with rats that crawl over them as they sleep on the floor, having been denied even a mattress for a cot,” the letter said.


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