Jamie Foxx is on a quest to reconcile with the birth parents who abandoned him at seven months old.

Foxx, born Eric Marlon Bishop, was left in the care of his mother’s foster parents and says he has struggled to understand the reasoning behind his abandonment.

The Oscar winner is now trying to make amends with his parents, even moving his mother, Louise, into his home in an effort to build what was lost. 

“We’re trying to learn [about] each other,” the actor told Britain’s The Sunday Times. “The one thing I think is great is she’s in the same house, because you realize certain things that you missed when you were growing up, like, ‘Oh, I do that because of that,’ or ‘Oh, I do this because of this.”

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Although attempts to forge a relationship with his father haven’t been as seamless, Foxx remains faithful that reconciliation is in the cards. 

“Fingers crossed, it will become a real thing,” he says. “But the door is open. That’s one thing I’ve learned: always keep the door and your heart open…I don’t hold grudges…”

But he has several questions for his father. 

“There are questions, like, ‘What happened?” Where were you? Were you stricken with something? Could you not make it?’ Growing up, I would always go, man…I’m a good dude. I wasn’t the kid getting in trouble. I was quarterback on the high school football team. And he only lived 28 miles away. So I always said to myself, you know, I’m gonna grade him a little harder for that, because he could have tried.”