iTunes Delivers Non-Existent Candice Glover Album
Getty Images

Someone is in deep trouble this morning.

On Tuesday, iTunes accidentally released an album from the latest American Idol winner, Candice Glover. As normal as that seems, there wasn’t any music in the album, reports Yahoo.

Music Speaks, Glover’s debut album was originally scheduled to hit stores in July and was pushed back to October 8th.

However, it appears that iTunes didn’t get the last memo stating the album would be pushed back again to February 2014. So when fans, who pre-ordered the album, opened their inboxes only found the first official single, “I Am Beautiful.” The rest were empty files titled “Song 2,” “Song 3” and so forth.

To everyone’s surprise, it managed to snag the fourth spot on the iTunes chart before being taken down around 1:30 am Tuesday.

Totally aware of the situation and the confusion, Glover tweeted an apology about the technical mishap. “Good morning! Sorry about the confusion,” said Glover. “Apparently Music Speaks came out last night, but didn’t really. I’ll have more info for u later :)” She later followed up that a new single should be arriving shortly.

Even though the album was empty, coming in at number four on the charts is probably a good sign that fans are eagerly awaiting new tunes from Glover.