After college, one of my good girlfriends and I got a job in the same city, so we decided to room together to save money. We got a two-bedroom apartment with lots of space and privacy. We each had our own bathrooms, and there was a separate den for watching TV, so we agreed it was okay to have a male guest spend the night. It was the perfect plan — until we actually started bringing dates home.

I’d met this really sexy guy at work and we’d gone on one great date after another. Since things were going super well with us, I decided to invite him over to our place to spend the night. We were watching a movie when my roommate dropped by to hang out with us for a little while. (This wasn’t uncommon behavior, so I was cool with it.) Although I was having a great time hanging out, I started not to feel so well and I was super tired, so I ended up falling asleep midway through the movie. I slept through the night and woke up on the couch to find that my date and my roommate had stayed up all night talking and watching TV. They had never gone to sleep. I was a little bothered by this, especially when I thought I saw a few sparks between them.

My date made plans to see me the following weekend, and left. I badgered my roommate about what they talked about, but she said mostly just what was on TV and me. It sounded genuine so I let it go. Two weeks went by and he hadn’t called me back. Before that night, we couldn’t go two days without texting or talking. Something was up. I could feel it. He emailed me at work and asked me to meet him for lunch near my job. When I got there, I was shocked to find him sitting at a table with my roommate. They were both waiting for me to show up and appeared to be super nervous to confront me. My heart started racing. What was this about?

When I sat down they held hands and I started to tear up. I could already tell where this was going. They told me that they hadn’t meant to hurt me, but that something “just happened that night” they stayed up talking and they couldn’t control how they felt about each other. They even went so far as to say that they felt it was “love at first sight” and they were each other’s “soul mates.” I wanted to throw up. I could not believe that after years of dating nothing but guys who turned out to be undercover jerks, I’d finally found a good one (or so I thought) and my roommate and former friend wants him for herself. I just ran out of there.

It took me a month to find a new place to live. Once they told me about their relationship, they somehow felt it was okay to be together at our home. It only hurt me more to see them rubbing it in my face. Needless to say, I haven’t spoken to either of them since. Some things just aren’t forgivable. She broke the girlfriend code, and that’s that.