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It Happened to Me: My Date Kicked Me Out After Sex

This woman had the worst first date ever. Been there?
Shortly after separating from my ex-husband, I met a successful, attractive, educated African-American man at a university party celebrating Black alumni. I reached out to him and after a few brief conversations on the telephone, we decided to meet in person.

We’re from two different towns, so we decided to meet at an in-between location, a trendy restaurant I’d been dying to check out. He showed up 15 minutes late for dinner, and started flirting with the hostess when he arrived. Those were his first and second offenses. Throughout dinner, our entire conversation was about him – yet another offense. He even mentioned an ex-girlfriend as the “one who got away.” Um, strike four! He was arrogant, unapologetic and rude to me the whole night.

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At the end of the meal, he only offered to pay for “his half.” Vulnerable and desperate, I somehow still found this man attractive. We went back to his place. We ended up in bed together, but in the midst of our tryst, I ruined his sheets! Let’s just say, I was not expecting my cycle for another few days. I was so humiliated that I began to feel nauseated. He told me he would throw me out if I got sick on his carpet.

Needless to say, I was overwhelmed and completely horrified. I had to listen to him complain about his Egyptian cotton sheets for an hour or more before he insisted that I leave. I cried all the way home — it was the worst date I have ever had, and boy did I learn a lesson.

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