An overzealous fan was charged with trespassing and petit larceny for breaking and entering into Diddy’s Hamptons mansion, reports E! Online.

On April 1, Quamine Taylor traveled to the Hamptons via train and hailed a cab to Diddy’s residence. He then managed to finagle his way into Diddy’s sprawling mansion by tampering with the basement door. Taylor made himself at home for an astounding 24 hours before he was caught.

What was he doing for the entire day? He was trying on Diddy’s clothes and eating his food. In fact, this wasn’t Taylor’s first time trespassing onto Diddy’s property. In 2001 he was caught doing the same thing, but gave the lame excuse that he was Diddy’s cousin.

This time around, Taylor set off an alarm and told security he had permission to stay in the home. Surprisingly, the police bought the story and Taylor wasn’t arrested until a caretaker discovered him.

He’s currently sitting in the Suffolk County Jail on $2,000 bail.