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Instacart Launches $1 Million Advertising Initiative To Support Black-Owned Brands

Through this new initiative, Instacart is offering Black-owned CPG brands the opportunity to reach a broader audience in the digital aisles with prominent advertising.

Since June 2020, companies spanning across every industry have been standing up for Black lives more than ever before.

Instacart, for example, recently announced it is committing $1 million to amplify Black-owned consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands within the Instacart marketplace. This means that advertising dollars will go directly to emerging Black-owned brands within the Instacart marketplace and leverage that company’s products and services. 

Through this new initiative, Instacart is offering Black-owned CPG brands the opportunity to reach a broader audience in the digital aisles with prominent advertising placement among millions of items available from the more than 600 national, regional and local retailers and unique brand names featured on the Instacart marketplace. Eligible brands will receive Instacart Ads credits to use with the company’s flagship Featured Products offering throughout 2021. Instacart will also offer monthly training opportunities to ensure brands maximize the impact of their advertising campaigns.

“We’re always looking for partners that align with our mission to inspire families of all backgrounds to eat better food and live longer, more vibrant lives,” says Ibraheem Basir, Founder and CEO, A Dozen Cousins. “It’s important for us to connect and engage with customers in various ways – especially in the digital grocery aisles. We’re proud to partner on this new advertising initiative and see Instacart investing in a community of brands transforming the grocery industry.” 

“As the largest online grocery platform in North America, our marketplace features millions of products for customers to discover while they shop online from their favorite retailers. As our service grows, we believe Instacart has a unique opportunity to further amplify Black-owned and Black-led brand partners in the digital aisles,” said Seth Dallaire, Chief Revenue Officer at Instacart in a news release. “We want Instacart Ads to make a lasting impact on the CPG ecosystem by equipping emerging Black-owned brands with the tools, resources and investment needed to excel in online grocery. This is just a first step as we continue to focus on delivering equitable outcomes for historically underrepresented entrepreneurs and brands and create more opportunities for more companies to flourish.”

This program will highlight select Black-owned brands under the Featured Product banner, where advertisers can boost sales, increase trial and awareness, drive higher category share and manage campaigns in a self-service portal. 

“I am excited to build upon our partnership with Instacart through this initiative,” adds Denise Woodard, Founder and CEO, Partake Foods. “To create systemic diversity, equity and inclusiveness within the CPG food and beverage space, it’s imperative that more companies show this kind of action-oriented support to underrepresented founders. I’m grateful that Instacart is taking this step and hope it inspires even more companies with similar platforms to follow.”

Instacart says the new initiative helps build on their ongoing commitment to prioritize diversity, equity, and belonging and stand up against anti-Blackness and systemic racism by intentionally lifting up Black businesses within the Instacart marketplace.