57 Breaking Out: Is Taraji P. Henson on the verge of a mainstream breakthrough?
58 Gazette: The life and legacy of Biggie Smalls finally comes to a theater near you; Keri Hilson grabs the mic
62 Black History Month Special: Relive and discover moments from the past, both legendary and little known
66 The Arts: A new orchestra changes the bounds of classical music; a gospel spin on a Broadway standard; Africa in pictures
68 Books: The return of the prisoner’s wife; hot reads for a cold winter; Patrik’s Obama lit picks and more

79 Your Master Plan for Prosperity: Our step-by-step manual to getting debt-free, securing a rainy day fund, building a nest egg, and ensuring your family’s welfare
90 Succeed in the Workplace: A corporate giant explains why failure is not an option

97 What Men Think: Who needed an extra boost to reach satisfaction?
98 On His Mind: A pro baller risks his career to save his daughter
100 Oh, Brother: Finesse’s guide to finding the right brother for you
102 On Her Mind: Dating younger men

105 Ten Things We’re Talking About
106 Leaders of the New School: Beyond the presidency, recent election results signal a dynamic change in the political arena; White House timeline
108 State of Emergency: Haiti sends out an international S.O.S.

150 Fit & Fab: Three women reveal the secrets to their big weight loss success
158 How She Does It: A working mom shares her tips for balancing career and family
160 Why Black Therapists Want You to Talk to Them: Four questions to ask yourself
166 Take 5: Show yourself some love
168 Sexual Health: Birth control update
170 Healthy Food Fast: Five quick and easy-to-make entrées

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