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Call it perfect timing, but J-Harris’s domestic abuse anthem, “I’ll Make It Up To You,” was not penned in reaction to the ongoing Chris Brown and Rihanna debacle. The up-and-coming self-proclaimed R&B/pop artist wrote the lyrics to this kindhearted ballad a year ago in hopes of bringing awareness to real-life situations. “I felt at the time that there was no song out there that addressed those issues,” says the New York native. “I wanted to bring light to people’s lives to show them that whatever situation you’re going through—whether you’re being abused physically, mentally or emotionally—that your best days are still ahead of you.”

Although the 25-year-old has never experienced domestic abuse personally, J-Harris knows the impact a song can have on a person’s spirit. He hopes this song will uplift and inspire those who might be feeling down and out with lyrics such as “He put his hands on you/right then he broke the rules/lost all hope so you allow him to abuse you/See I’m here to let you know/ You’ve got to let it go/He ain’t deserve you girl/This is your breakthrough.”

“When people have been abused, they feel like they’ve lost something—their confidence, love or inspiration—and they feel like everything’s gone,” he revealed. “In ‘I’ll Make It Up To You,’ I want to show you that you can overcome your situation. You’re no longer a victim, but you can be a victor.”

Since its release, the song has permeated the airwaves in New York, New Jersey and North Carolina, heartening any and all within ears reach. J-Harris, who has coined his music MCM (Music with a Conscious Message), looks to impart a positive message with each song he creates. “I feel like everything that you put out [as an artist] takes hold, so if you’re blessed to be able to write and perform, then you are a vessel. You have to make sure that whatever you put out there has a positive impact on someone else’s life. ” His independently-released mini-CD “Footprints…I’m Here” is available on iTunes.