Michigan Woman Filmed Boyfriend Prepping Gun Before He Killed Her, Authorities Say

A Michigan woman recorded video footage of her boyfriend prepping a gun, including cleaning the bullet of fingerprints, mere moments before he shot and killed her, prosecutors say.

India Mackey, 20, was killed the day after her birthday in Warren. And now her boyfriend, 18-year-old Kevin Dixon, is facing charges of first-degree murder, carrying a concealed weapon, and felony firearm, WXYZ reports.

“You think I’m f–king playing, huh?” Dixon could be heard telling Mackey as he is seen prepping the weapon. “Gonna hit you with these big hollow tip 45s, gonna eat your [expletive] up.”

“The idea that he’s pulling the bullet out, wiping his fingerprints off, showing it to her…,” Macomb County prosecutor Eric Smith told the news station. “Everything about this case is awful and this certainly adds to it.”

“The last thing her family has of her is the video where she is pointing the camera at the man who is going to kill her,” Smith added.

After allegedly killing Mackey, Dixon started driving around in the vehicle that they were in. Her body was found in the passenger seat of the white van when Dixon was pulled over due to his erratic driving, the report notes.

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Dixon’s mother is also facing charges in the case for accessory after the fact and tampering with evidence.

“He’s on the phone talking to his mother, clearly identifying his mother and telling her to go to the house, and get rid of the gun,” Smith told Fox2Detroit.