Ice Cube Speaks on Racial Justice: ‘A Lot of People Blur Black Lives Matter With Black-on-Black Crime’
David Livingston/Getty Images

Gearing up for the Barbershop: The Next Cut premiere, Ice Cube has a few thoughts on what Black Lives Matter really means.

While appearing on Sirius XM’s Shade 45, the rapper said that there is a clear distinction between Black Lives Matter and addressing the crime rates within our own community.

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“Black Lives Matter, at the core of it, is really about authorities killing citizens, and a lot of people get that blurred with Black-on-Black crime,” he said. “Black-on-Black crimes happens just like White-on-White crime happens just like Mexican-on-Mexican crime happens. Anybody in a community usually commits crimes against other people in their community.”

Though he said that Barbershop: The Next Cut doesn’t tackle Black Lives Matter issues head-on, he does say that the flick focuses more on Black-on-Black crime.

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“Our movie is dealing on with what’s going on between us, not really with what the police are doing to us,” he said. “[It looks at] what’s happening to us in our own community and the things that we can do to initiate a change. Our movie really speaks on that.”

Do you agree with Ice Cube that there’s a distinction between Black Lives Matter and crime within our own community?