‘Both Candidates Suck, I Want Another Obama:’ Ice Cube Says A Word About Election 2016
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

When it comes to the 2016 presidential election, the vote surprisingly seems to be split down the middle. But as political and celebrity endorsements continue, Ice Cube is taking a firm stance on who he wants for president – and it’s not Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

The rapper-turned-actor recently appeared on rapper Too $hort’s BoomBox podcast, and the two decided to talk politics. To get the conversation going, Too $hort’s “Boombox Girls,” Leli Hernandez and Evelyn Gonzalez, asked Ice Cube “Do you think there’s a better option than Donald Trump?”

With no hesitation, Cube says, “The option is make sure you get up and take yo ass to go to work in the morning no matter who’s the president.” 

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While Too $hort interjects to remind people that voting for their city council members is just as important as their vote for the presidency, the Are We There Yet? actor wanted people to remember that they can only control their situation and their want and need for change.

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“The thing is, your still not gonna have the power to change what they want to do. You have the power to change your situation – I think you should focus on that.”

The conversation quickly returned to Clinton and Trump, and Ice Cube admitted that in his eyes Hillary is the lesser of two evils. But at the end of the day neither candidate really matters to him because he just wants to see another Obama in office. He poses the question, “Who would you want your kids hanging around – Uncle Donald or Aunt Hillary?” 

But according to Ice Cube, “At the end of the day, both candidates suck. He goes on to say, “I want another Obama. Can we get Obama?”

Listen to Ice Cube and Too $hort’s politic talk in full, below.