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The Husband Or the Other Woman: Who Do You Blame More?

Last night's episode of RHOA bodes the age old question—who do you blame more when there's an inidscretion? The husband or the other woman?
The Husband Or the Other Woman: Who Do You Blame More?
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Last night on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Phaedra Parks questioned her husband Apollo about the text messages—and possible indiscretion—between he and RHOA castmate Kenya Moore.

Apollo insisted that it was Kenya who pursued him both over the phone and while in Los Angeles. Phaedra kept it together during their discussion at the restaurant, but we got to hear a bit of what Apollo had coming to him off-camera once they got in the car via their microphones. 

While the verdict of “textgate,” as the women have cleverly titled the matter, seems to be far from reached, many tweeters seemed pleased that the heat is no longer entirely on Kenya. The other women have been questioning her all season, but now Apollo’s time has come. All of this has us thinking about an age-old question: When there’s an indiscretion between your husband and another woman, who do you blame more? Your husband because he’s the one who vowed to keep your marriage sacred, or the other woman because we as women should know better?

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