Huggies has a historic new makeover and its packaging now includes a Black dad and baby. The brand’s newest label, appropriately called “Special Delivery”, now comes in a sleek black box that promotes fatherhood.

Three of the seven designs will showcase fathers and one of the packages will have a Black dad, which has never been done before. 

“We really believe in celebrating all parents and the great job that parents are doing,” Huggies North America brand director Kristine Rhode told USA Today. 

“When you think about the important role that dads have in the family today and how that continues to grow, we wanted to make sure they were equally celebrated.”

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Since the release, the diapers have been very well received. “I don’t have infants, but I’m applauding this marketing by @Huggies,” tweeted @MrsCMitch

The models featured on the father-friendly packaging box are 3-year-old Soraya Lattimore and Chicago-native Orlondo Thompson.

“There’s a stereotype that’s out there that dads in general, not just a particular race, are not connected to their kids and not affectionate,” Thompson told USA Today. “This should have been displaced a long time ago.”

The historic and inclusive move is turning heads all over the internet.