Over the last week, Howard University students have been voicing their concerns over D.C. residents using their campus as a dog park.

On Friday, more outrage was sparked after a white D.C. resident told a local news station that if the university and its students had a problem with people walking their dogs on campus, maybe the campus should move.

Many people cited that comment as further proof that gentrification has destroyed the city formerly known as “Chocolate City”. Social media was appalled that a “colonizer” (word to Black Panther) would have the nerve to even make that suggestion. The caucacity was strong in this one.

In response to the drama, Howard University issued a press release which stated that the only animals allowed on their campus are service animals.

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“We recognize that service animals are a necessary aspect of modern-day life and we will accommodate them as needed. We appreciate pet owners respecting our campus by not bringing pets onto the private areas,” Wayne Frederick, the university’s president stated.

The release didn’t note if anyone with dogs on campus would be fined, but that would be amazing if they were. Here’s to the university putting their foot down (and not in some dog’s unscooped poop).