An Interior Designer Shares 6 Ways to Instantly Make Your Bedroom Sexier
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Sexy bedroom ambiance equals better sex, period. It’s important to create a romantic oasis for you and the one who holds you tight at night. Unsure of where to start or how to decorate to help set things off when you slide between the sheets? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

HGTV Design Star season 2 winner Tiffany Brooks knows all of the ways to style your bedroom with sex appeal in mind and she’s sharing her top design secrets. 

Texture, Texture, Texture

“You need plenty of texture and variation in it. Introduce some velvets in there, and some silks in there as far as the pillows go. Pay attention to the drapes. For whatever reason, animal prints in the bedroom often evoke that sensual feeling. Add just a touch of it to definitely help set a little hint of mood.”

Courtesy of Tiffany Brooks

Invest in Storage Space

“The bedside storage is important and underrated. Have towels tucked away, maybe waters or snacks. People are like, ‘Wait a minute, storage?! What are you even talking about?’ But it’s necessary!” We say, maybe even keep some pleasure products inside too.

Add Curves and Color

“Instead of using geometric patterns in your bedroom, use something a little bit more curvaceous if you want a pattern. Try a curvy stripe or something circular that’s reminiscent of a woman’s body. There are a lot of colors to stay away from if you are trying to get a sexier room, like oranges and yellows. Those [colors] evoke more creativity, more happier emotions. The moody colors like jewel tones—deep greens, deep purples, navy, gray, even black sometimes. Those are the tones that you want in your room to evoke that feeling. If you’re really passionate, go for red.”

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Courtesy of Tiffany Brooks

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Lighting Is Everything

“Your lighting, a lot of people definitely say that your dining room has to have dimmers, but I say your bedroom should have them too. You have to have a lighting plan in your bedroom, you need different levels. I find that sconces are the sexiest thing and if you can turn those sconces down, and increase that mood, it’s just amazing.”

Courtesy of Tiffany Brooks

Say No to the TV

“Nothing kills intimacy like a TV that’s on. The television emits a blue light that tends to keep people up at night and their minds going.”

Clean the Clutter

“Your bedroom is the sexiest when it’s clean. You never know when it’s going to actually go down, and if you have a clean bedroom that’s always ready to go, then you’ll feel good about yourself, you’ll feel good about having company over, and you’ll feel just as sexy as the bedroom that you’re in.”

Courtesy of Tiffany Brooks