Surprisingly enough there are several good men in the world that are single dads. As a Life and Relationship Coach I happen to coach quite a few, from everyday working men to celebrity pro athletes. No matter their income range or age I find that there is a common thread between them and that is that they are looking for a good woman who can love them and their child.

These men have elevated to another level of manhood that isn’t often reached so they operate a little different than most other men. They’ve had to learn how to use other parts of their brain and their heart so that they can be a mother and a father to their child. This is very hard for a man to do but it’s a must.

Because of their new way of thinking and living they tend to analyze women from a different perspective now. Winning the heart of one of these noble men takes a different approach because they are serious about their life. They carefully screen whom they bring around their child. There are some things you should know.

Tony Gaskins Jr. is a husband, father, author, and professional life coach who’s work has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show and The Tyra Banks Show. Follow him on Twitter @TonyGaskins.