Breaking up is never easy to do. When people are splitting up, they often spew hurtful things at each other. “There’s a few reasons why you should hold your tongue in the heat of the moment,” Yahoo Shine user Janelle H. says. Janelle teaches us how to break up with a little restraint and tact: Time to get down and dirty. Or not. There’s a right way and a wrong way to do just about anything. Even break up. While I’m no therapist, I’ve broken up with (fools) and I’ve done the breaking up with (fools) and I’ve consoled enough friends through both to tell you exactly what the wrong way is. It’s cruel and insensitive. The right way, is kind and sincere. The wrong way hurts everyone. The right way hurts everyone. No, that’s not an error, just thought you should have all the facts. We’re going to try and accomplish the break-up done nicely. This way should hurt a little less. (Hurt you less that is. Your partner may disagree.) “The art of living is in the fine balance of letting go and holding on.” I don’t know who said it, but I think it’s profound and quite true. Usually, from every relationship there was some good mixed in with the bad. Take the good stuff with you, let the bad stuff go. I’m not saying it’s easy to do. But as far as I can tell, nothing worth it ever is. The real estate market is booming, but choose your location carefully. Relationships today are surely not the relationships our parents had. We keep in touch through a complex assortment of technological advancements; few require even seeing the other person. You’re lucky to have a cup of coffee together and if you get a physical card or (gasp) flowers, you’re likely to cry. (More from shock than anything.) But none of these channels is the way to break-up. Do not break-up by phone call, faxes, emails, e-cards, web chat, webcam chat, video conference, text message, BlackBerry messenger, MySpace, Facebook or Twitter. It’s unkind, tacky and rude. Break-up in person, face-to-face. And think twice about that location… Get Janelle’s full list on Yahoo Shine.