The holiday seasons are always full of family, friends, joy and let’s not forget lots and lots of food. Coming together with loved ones almost always involves a hearty, home-style cooked meal this time of the season, so sticking to the usual healthy diet you’ve worked so hard maintaining the rest of the year can seem as hard as climbing Mount Everest.

Everywhere you turn is temptation. Before you even think about reaching for a second helping of mash potatoes and gravy, or another slice of pie, we’ve got some helpful tips to ensure you keep up with your eating habits and avoid packing on some extra pounds this holiday. Just think about all the things you can do instead of giving in to food comas this holiday!
The Buddy
Is your husband, boyfriend, sister or BFF worried about over-indulging this holiday? If so why not make a pact with them to eat healthy. Having a buddy with the same goals as you makes the whole thing a lot easier–especially when everyone else in the room is not thinking twice about what their eating. And if you slip up, they’re there to pick you back up and encourage you to stick to the pact.

Eat before heading to dinner
Skipping breakfast and lunch to allow for some extra-servings after dark is never a good idea. This is the easiest way to set yourself up for a binge. Remember to eat sensibly throughout the day and by the time you come face-to-face with food, you won’t be starving. Before heading out to a dinner party, eat something small like a piece of fruit or vegetables to fill you up. You should never be famished at the dinner table.

Choose Wisely
Don’t just grab whatever hors d’oeuvres, pay attention to what is being served. Perhaps there are less fattening options, so check out what’s available for the evening before munching.

It is the holidays after-all and there’s no reason why you can’t treat yourself. Just make sure you allow yourself only one treat and stick to it. If desert is your treat, than make sure your entree is healthy–and vice versa. It’s also very important to eat keep portions small.

Just Say No
Look, we know it’s hard to keep to a healthy diet when the entire family is pushing fatty foods on you. It’s not always easy to turn Grandma’s dish down, but you must remember saying no is really ok. Control your urge to give in.

If you’ve got the chance to control how much butter or sugar is used in your meal, politely inquire about modifying the ingredients.

Get Up
Keeping to your normal workout schedule during this time of the year can be hard, but the extra effort will make maintaining a healthy diet much easier. If you put in the time at the gym, chances are you won’t want to screw it up by stuffing your face later.

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