How I Turned My Wedding Into a Massive DIY Project
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November 7, 2015 was a live-changing date for me. After eight years of dating (technically seven, since we broke up for a year, but he doesn’t count it), I got married to the funniest guy I know and celebrated with family and friends.

Getting to that point, however, wasn’t entirely easy. Like most engaged couples, we were hit with the usual dread of planning a wedding: setting a budget, creating a guest list, finding a venue, crafting a menu, etc. but I took things a step further by turning my wedding into a DIY project.

From the moment we started planning, I knew that I didn’t want to be traditional with several aspects of the wedding, especially when it came to the bridal bouquet and centerpieces, and at the insistence of my friend, I made a Pinterest board with everything I thought would make our day special.

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I’d fought back and forth with my mother over wanting alternatives to the conventional big floral bouquet and stumbled on photos of burlap, brooch, and fabric flower bouquets. Deciding to do a mix of the three, I continued searching on Pinterest for inspiration when I came across a rustic paper bouquet by crafter and designer Lia Griffith.

I was immediately smitten and then had a stroke of genius: what if my centerpieces were paper flowers?! Lia also had tutorials on her site and I was motivated further after falling for an adorable flower pom on Pinterest.

As a jewelry crafter and hobbyist, turning my bouquet, centerpieces, jewelry, and veil (oh yes, my veil, too) into a DIY project was right up my alley. The work, however, was as grueling as it was fun.

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While dealing with everything else, I also had to make hundreds of flowers, and with limited help since I only had a maid of honor (whom I love to death), who was often busy.

I had to really streamline things, and so the first thing I took care of were the bouquets. If I didn’t finish anything else I planned to craft, my maid of honor and I would at least have our bouquets.

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